Annual report 2016

Development of professional environment

Moscow Exchange engages in educational outreach to improve financial literacy in Russia, provides support for academic research related to financial markets, promotes innovative technologies and seeks to improve access, transparency and quality of investment services offered in the Russian market.

Investment Community

Asset Manager Ranking

A unique information resource called Asset Manager Ranking was successfully launched in 2016, enabling private investors to compare the performance of Russian investment management firms. The ranking was designed to enhance the transparency and investment appeal of the asset management industry in Russia.

As part of this project, Moscow Exchange calculates the returns on investment of asset managers, as well as other indicators reflecting the quality of management based on the trades executed by them. This data is published on the Exchange’s website. Investors may compare the performance of independent transactions in the market with those of professionals using a wide range of criteria, as well as the success ratio of various investment strategies applied across different time spans. The ranking looks at 11 different investment strategies.

Attracting Retail Investors

Moscow Exchange’s annual competitions for new and experienced investors – Invest Trial and Best Private Investor – were held in 2016, attracting a record number of participants.

The Invest Trial competition attracted more than 16,000 participants (compared to 14,000 in 2015). The contest was designed to promote exchange instruments among rookie investors and to facilitate the participation of domestic investors in the Russian market. The key feature of the competition is the opportunity to acquire trading experience without risking one’s money and to earn real income. The prize money available in the competition totalled RUB 8 m.

The main objective of the Best Private Investor contest is to highlight opportunities for private investors in equity and currency market instruments, and the income they can generate if they employ a trained and knowledgeable approach. A record of more than 14,000 investors took part in the competition, which was first launched in 2003. Participants’ trading volume exceeded RUB 2 tn; overall, private investors earned more than RUB 500 m. Total prize money available in the competition amounted to RUB 10 m.

Improving the Quality of Corporate Governance

Moscow Exchange welcomed the idea of a Russian Public Companies Corporate Governance Index first proposed by the Independent Directors Association. The Index reflects the quality of corporate governance in companies on the basis of two sources of information: a survey of the professional community and publicly available data on each company’s operations, which then serve as the basis for individual and consolidated indicators of corporate governance quality. This project was designed with a view to helping companies refine their corporate governance practices to ensure fuller disclosure and improve investor communications.

Moreover, Moscow Exchange, in conjunction with the Independent Directors Association, held its annual Director of the Year awards ceremony, which celebrates the achievements of directors who promote best corporate governance practices in Russia. Annual ratings of the best directors are compiled and later serve as a roster for determining the award winners.

Total prize money available in the Innovation in Investments Competition was RUB 1.3 m
Effective Investor Communication

The annual report competition organised by Moscow Exchange together with the RCB Media Group has become the most important annual event in the sphere of corporate governance and investor communication in Russia. The contest facilitates transparency and effective disclosure for the benefit of investors and clients. The 19th annual report competition attracted 139 companies, including 16 that participated for the first time.

In 2016, Moscow Exchange launched its MOEX IR Academy, a one-year programme for investor relations and corporate communications specialists, as well as analysts. The Academy educates attendees on all key elements and nuances of the profession: beginning with the evolution of IR right up to modern digital technologies employed in the industry. Lessons will help companies structure their investor communications upon entering the public market.

Development of Innovative Technologies

Moscow Exchange supports the development of innovative products and technological solutions offered to private investors and professional participants in the financial market.

Innovation in Investments Competition

The Innovation in Investments Competition for private investors and professional market participants, which was held for the first time in 2016, is aimed at supporting the development of innovative products and technological solutions in the financial market, as well as enhancing the availability, transparency and quality of investment services in the Russian market. The organisers received 62 applications from both professional participants and teams of young developers. The panel of judges, which included representatives of leading venture funds, accelerators and IT companies, named the best of the best, who received development grants from Moscow Exchange. Total prize money available in the competition was RUB 1.3 m.

Participation in the GenerationS-2016 Accelerator

At the end of 2016, Moscow Exchange selected 13 innovative projects as part of its participation in the GenerationS-2016 Accelerator set up by RVC. The programme offers educational modules with coaches; meetings with successful industry businesspeople, investors and Moscow Exchange mentors; as well as individual advice and practical assignments. The total prize money was RUB 15 m.

Communication with the Professional Community

In 2016, Moscow Exchange organised the first Russian conference on innovative technologies in investments InvestTECH, which attracted more than 20 expert speakers from the finance and IT sectors, as well as more than 300 representatives of the financial market. The participants discussed prevailing investment trends, shared innovative projects and established contacts that may later serve as the basis for further development of the financial industry.

Moreover, Moscow Exchange took part in the annual forum of innovative financial technologies FINOPOLIS, one of the major fintech events in Russia.

In 2016, Moscow Exchange employees, in conjunction with professional market participants, held more than 200 workshops in 44 Russian cities.

Improving Financial Literacy

Moscow Exchange is actively engaged in educational projects to improve the financial literacy of the Russian population.

In 2016, Moscow Exchange employees, in conjunction with professional market participants, held more than 200 workshops in 44 Russian cities. More than 10,000 participants had an opportunity to meet financial experts, develop an investment strategy and select an investment product.

No fewer than 250 workshops were held by the Moscow Exchange School under this programme. More than 10,000 private investors acquired the knowledge and skills required to independently manage an investment portfolio in various Moscow Exchange markets.

In 2016, MOEX's Exchange History Museum organised more than 400 excursions for 4,000 students from schools and universities in Moscow, Yaroslavl, Torzhok, Tver, Voronezh, Kaluga and other Russian cities. Twenty school groups were able to visit the museum as part of the Corporate Museum Autumn Paths for Moscow Students, a programme established and maintained by the Moscow Department of Education. The museum also welcomed at least 25 groups from schools and colleges that participated in the academic competition Museums, Parks and Manors set up by the Moscow Department of Culture. Work continued on the Foreign Exchanges exhibition: more than 80 exhibits were added to the museum’s collection.

In conjunction with the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Moscow Exchange held Fincontest, a special academic competition on financial markets that gives participants an opportunity to start their professional career. More than 2,500 students took part in the competition, and some of them were offered an internship at Moscow Exchange following a multi-stage screening process. Moreover, a joint master’s programme called Securities and Financial Engineering was also launched in 2016.

Moscow Exchange experts regularly participate in various programmes in leading national higher education establishments. In 2016, MOEX speakers held a series of master classes at MGIMO, Moscow State University, Higher School of Economics, Financial University, Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Moreover, Moscow Exchange assisted the New Economic School in the development of its educational initiatives and in ensuring its financial stability.

In February 2017, a new advanced training programme called Exchange Trading Basics was launched. It was developed by Moscow Exchange together with the finance and banking department of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. The programme targets young specialists and first-time investors who would like to acquire the required expertise and skills to manage their personal finances.

In 2016, the Exchange supported various public initiatives, taking part in the 4th Financial Literacy Forum, the 11th All-Russia Academic Competition in Financial Market and Basic Consumer Knowledge held for high school students, the International Conference Financial Literacy Programmes and Availability of Financial Services: From Private Initiatives to National Strategy, a regional competition for financial journalism called Rouble Area and a summer camp for high school students called Republic of the Young: Fundamentals of Financial Education.

Moscow Exchange took part in the preparation and publication of a school textbook titled Fundamentals of Financial Literacy, participated in the proceedings of the Expert Council on Financial Literacy and hosted Days of Financial Literacy in Chuvashia.

As part of its financial literacy educational outreach, Exchange employees explore the history of the financial market. Two books were published in 2016, including Exchanges of the World: History, Culture, Finance and Heir to Age-Old Traditions. Another book, Moscow Exchange: An Historical Overview, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of Moscow Exchange, was published in early 2017.