Annual report 2016


In accordance with the Charity Policy, the Moscow Exchange Group supports charities that have a long-term effect. The Executive Board approves the list of such initiatives annually subject to recommendations by the Charity Policy Committee.

The Group’s charitable activities prioritise funding of long-term social projects through specialist foundations. Provision of assistance mediated by non-profit organisations reaches a large number of people in need while also ensuring the transparency of expenditures. Partnership programmes are developed with the following foundations: Gift of Life, Vera and New Teacher Charity Foundation for Education Support and Development. The Group also provides direct, targeted assistance to socially vulnerable and physically challenged categories, people of retirement age and children.

The Group involves its employees in charity activities, providing each with an opportunity to volunteer or personally donate funds. Announcements about socially significant activities are included in the Company News morning newsletter, and reports and photo essays about the charity events are posted on the Corporate Philanthropy intranet page, where employees can also register to participate in volunteer events and make a donation, as well as advertise alternative charitable projects.

Gift of Life Charity Foundation

The Foundation supports children who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation related to blood diseases. Funds in the amount of RUB 6.5 m allocated by the Group in 2016 were used to support the most important programme of the foundation – Voluntary Donation, which provides donor blood to sponsored hospitals, as well as to all those who appeal directly for help: children and adults, patients undergoing long-term treatment and victims of accidents. In 2016, about 80 Moscow Exchange employees donated blood during outreach donor events held by the Gift of Life Foundation.

Vera Charity Foundation

This Foundation is engaged in the development of palliative care in Russia and supports more than 20 hospices in Moscow and other regions of the country. In 2016, Moscow Exchange funded the Foundation's programme to support regional hospices through a donation of RUB 6 m. In addition to financial aid, in 2016 Moscow Exchange also donated office furniture and computers to the foundation.

New Teacher Charity Foundation for Education Support and Development

The Foundation implements the Teacher for Russia programme, a Russian project based on public-private partnership set to involve talented young people and graduates of Russia’s leading higher education institutions in teaching in regular schools. The programme is designed to provide access to quality education for children from areas with a complicated social environment, to raise the prestige of the teaching profession among top Russian graduates and attract talented teachers to the school system, to launch the regular school transformation process and to implement new educational formats and technologies. In 2016, Moscow Exchange allocated RUB 3 m to support activities of the Foundation.

Total funds allocated to charitable assistance RUB 28.3 m

Targeted Charitable Activity

In honour of the 71th anniversary of the victory in World War II, Moscow Exchange provided financial aid to war veterans: one-off payments were received by 119 World War II veterans and disabled soldiers, home front workers, siege survivors and prisoners of concentration camps. The total amount of payments exceeded about RUB 7 m.

In 2016, more than 200 children received financial support to pay for their treatment and rehabilitation; specialised equipment for orphanages and rooms for activities of disabled children were also purchased.

Collaboration with the Danilovtsy volunteer movement continued. Volunteers organised events for oncology patients at the Rogachev Children’s Haematology Centre, Burdenko Neurosurgery Institute and Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital. The Group also paid the fees of a psychologist engaged in home-based palliative care services for children of the Miloserdie medical centre and a teacher of the Elizavetinsky orphanage which educates children with Down Syndrome.

The Group is implementing a joint long-term project with Deti Nashi Foundation, organising integrative educational summer camp programmes for children who live in institutions and with their families. In 2016, 28 children participated in the programme. They went to the town of Kabardinka where they took part in master classes and psychological workshops helping to develop communication skills and to foster independence and responsibility in decision-making. Additionally, MOEX supported 146 children suffering from serious diseases to enjoy a stay at the Sheredar recreation and rehabilitation centre.

For many years, the Group has been supporting the Udelnaya orphanage, which in 2016 was reorganised into the Udelnaya centre for out-of-school activities. The Group helped to equip an art studio for children, where classes are taught to orphans now living in foster families.

The Group rendered financial support to the Wheelchair Dance Club and sponsored the trip to the Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic World Cup in Krakow for a student at the Positive Dance School, a dependant of pensioners.

Corporate Volunteering

In 2016, the Group held a Donor Day and two charity fairs. The events were supported by the Blood Service and Gift of Life Charity, Volunteers Helping Orphans, Deti Nashi, Starost v Radost foundations and the Rai Fund. A campaign was also organised to raise funds for the treatment of a 6-year-old child with cancer. Total funds donated by employees in all campaigns exceeded RUB 200,000 and were allocated to charitable foundations for their on-going programmes.

Moscow Exchange employees had an opportunity to join a unique project of BELA Butterfly Children Charity Fund – Help Without Touching. Its goal is to raise funds to support children with epidermolysis bullosa, a rare genetic disorder.