Annual report 2016

Quotation and reference information

In the area of information services, Moscow Exchange is mainly focused on publication of market data for public circulation, which can be further used in risk management and automated trading systems, and in the development of new derivative indices.

Stakeholders can also receive access to the Exchange’s archived trading results through its corporate website and specialised software.

In 2016, Moscow Exchange conducted a marketing survey among traders and market newswires that demonstrated general satisfaction with the volume and structure of the trading information, as well as the level of technology used in its circulation, and client support offered by the Exchange as part of such information services.

At the same time, this review helped the Exchange to identify new points of growth in the development of its information services, delivering a more clear-cut structure, consolidating data sources, and establishing universal interfaces for sharing information from all Group companies.

Moscow Exchange launched a new trading information service offering reference data and containing lists of instruments quoted on the Exchange, its trading modes and risk parameters, accessible through the MOEX’s website interface.

The Exchange expanded the geographies where quotation data is offered: the Exchange entered into cooperation agreements for the sale and purchase of trading information with new global vendors, as well as international financial holdings. Moreover, the Shanghai Stock Exchange became MOEX’s official partner for distribution of market data, with the right to issue relevant licenses in mainland China.