Annual report 2016

Mission and corporate values


Moscow Exchange Group’s mission is to promote economic growth in Russia and contribute to the restructuring of the Russian economy by expanding capital-raising opportunities for issuers and facilitating a client-friendly, safe and transparent environment for local and international investors.

The Group’s strategy is focused on achieving this mission. The goals and tasks set out in the strategy support the company’s corporate values. In 2015, the company established four main corporate values, the adherence to which will help achieve the Group’s goals.

Our Corporate Values

We are responsible for the future of the company

We share a common goal, we are accountable for our results and for the future of the company.

We work in partnership with our customers

We listen to our clients and stakeholders, we understand their needs and offer them the best solutions.

We strive for excellence and are open to change

We are ready for changes, continually striving for excellence, innovation and adhering to best practices.

We value transparency and integrity

We are supportive and have confidence in each other as we pursue our common goal.